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Swimsol Story

Together with our partners and shareholders we have worked in the European solar industry for 22 years and have implemented over 500 solar systems and over 100 MW of installations.

In 2009, we visited the island nation of Maldives, composed of 1196 islands, with few islands larger than 1 square kilometre. Sunshine here is plentiful, yet there is little space for solar panels on the islands. To solve this problem, the idea of SolarSea crystallised, as we envisioned solar panels floating in the lagoons of Maldives.

In 2014, after more than four years of research in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, we launched SolarSea in the Maldives. Currently, our subsidiary Swimsol Maldives provides local services and maintenance, supported by our Maldivian partners Riyan and marine experts LaMer Group.

Our mission is to provide solar energy at low cost over a long lifetime.

Recent Projects

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Martin Putschek
Martin PutschekManaging Director
Vienna, Austria+43 699 115 075 01
Dr. Wolfgang Putschek
Dr. Wolfgang PutschekManaging Director
Vienna, Austria
+43 1 967 23 33
Dominik Schmitz
Dominik SchmitzHead of Business Development
Vienna, Austria
+43 664 618 90 01
Thomas Mikats
Thomas MikatsHead of Research & Development
Vienna, Austria
+43 650 870 73 63
Thomas Siebenbrunner
Thomas SiebenbrunnerHead of Sales & Marketing
Vienna, Austria
+43 699 141 808 12
Sandra Kriechhammer
Sandra KriechhammerProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria
+43 650 690 6544
Daniel Reinhardt
Daniel ReinhardtSales and Partner Support Manager
Vienna, Austria
Kristen Dlugosch
Kristen DlugoschSales and Partner Support Manager
Vienna, Austria
Wolfgang Sulm
Wolfgang SulmHead of Finance & Administration
Vienna, Austria
+43 1 967 23 33
Teresa Gfäller
Teresa GfällerOffice Assistant
Vienna, Austria
Eva Putschek
Eva PutschekProject Manager
Vienna, Austria
Dr. Michael Chochole
Dr. Michael ChocholeSystem Integration Expert
Vienna, Austria
Alexander Praschl
Alexander PraschlResearch & Development
Vienna, Austria
Fabian Massiczek
Fabian MassiczekProject Coordinator
Vienna, Austria
Istvan Kalman
Istvan KalmanResearch & Development
Vienna, Austria
Sahir Khan
Sahir KhanResearch & Development
Vienna, Austria
Vaidotas Kirsys
Vaidotas KirsysVisual Communication, Marketing & Environment Advisor
Vienna, Austria
Zsolt Harsfalvi
Zsolt HarsfalviResearch & Development
Vienna University of Technology
Jan Dmochowski
Jan DmochowskiProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Patrick Fabian
Patrick FabianProject Coordinator
Vienna, Austria
Dr. tech. Boris Huber
Dr. tech. Boris HuberHead of Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
Vienna University of Technology
Rifasa Faiz
Rifasa FaizOffice Manager, Swimsol Maldives
Male’, Maldives
Verena Wiesbauer
Verena WiesbauerEnvironmental Consultant
Male’, Maldives
Maufooz Abdulla
Maufooz AbdullaElectrical Engineering
Male’, Maldives
Louisa Gort
Louisa GortTeam Assistant
Vienna, Austria
Katja Mannsbart
Katja MannsbartOffice Assistant
Vienna, Austria
Ugis Groza
Ugis GrozaProject Engineer
Dario Giovannini
Dario GiovanniniDevelopment Engineer
Miriam Sedlak
Miriam SedlakProject Engineer
Ali Rasheed
Ali RasheedProject Engineer
Jörg Dietrich
Jörg DietrichElectrical engineer
Hussain Simad
Hussain Simad Managing Director, Swimsol Maldives
Male’, Maldives
+960 995 9997
Shaffan Mahmood
Shaffan MahmoodProject Engineer
Male’, Maldives
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed HassanProject Engineer
Male’, Maldives
Farrah Moosa
Farrah MoosaProject Engineer
Male’, Maldives
Sahab Siyam
Sahab SiyamProject Engineer
Male’, Maldives
Wolfgang Schindler
Wolfgang SchindlerProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Lukas Raub
Lukas RaubProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Natalie Reingruber
Natalie ReingruberProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Katrin Lindner
Katrin LindnerProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Helene Toschner
Helene ToschnerProject Assistant
Vienna, Austria
Florian Schneider
Florian SchneiderProject Assistant
Vienna, Austria
Julius Beer
Julius BeerProject Assistant
Vienna, Austria
Henrique Bessa
Henrique BessaDevelopment Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Borisz Jordanov
Borisz JordanovDevelopment Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Andreas Stadelmann
Andreas StadelmannProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Fridolin Bittner
Fridolin BittnerProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria
Christer Fjallroth
Christer FjallrothProject Engineer
Vienna, Austria