The business model of Swimsol occasionally offers opportunities for external investments into the growing asset base or the growth of Swimsol itself.

Next to the “turnkey” sale of floating and conventional solar systems, Swimsol also offers a “zero investment” option to its clients. This means the solar system is operated as a fixed asset in a project company for the duration of the respective power purchase agreement (PPA). The investment cost for these assets come from either equity of Swimsol, debt facilities from banks, crowdfunding, greentech funds or similar, or from external equity investors, in exchange for a share of the long-term, attractive cashflows generated by the solar system.
Potential investments start from EUR 250 for a participation in a crowdfunding campaign, up to USD 10 million investments for an equity share in a project company.

Secondly, considering the huge global demand for alternative energy sources, Swimsol is open for large-scale investments by a strategic partner to accelerate the current business plan. Potential investment volumes range from USD 10-150 million depending on the currently available investment opportunities.

If you are interested in one or more of these opportunities, you are invited to get in touch with our finance team via the contact form below.

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