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Swimsol developed the world’s first floating solar system that can be used on the sea. Having implemented our first projects in the Maldives, we now reach out for other markets. Join us in doing so as a:


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About Us

Swimsol is a global leader in marine floating solar system development and the leading solar energy company in the Maldives. We aim to bring affordable and durable solar systems to the world’s tropical regions, where space on land is limited. Therefore, we develop special heavy duty, high performance solar PV systems for extreme climatic conditions. We offer floating solar energy solutions both for the sea and for the inland waters. Together with our partners and shareholders, we have worked in the European rooftop solar industry for 20 years, completed over 500 solar systems and installed more than 100 MWp of solar power. In 2014 in cooperation with European universities we launched the world’s first floating solar power plant for the sea – SolarSea 1500. Swimsol projects range from single floating solar platforms at sea (1,2) to modular floating installations (3). We have integrated heavy duty rooftop systems into diesel power grids (4) and designed offgrid systems with batteries (5). Projects in Europe included multi-megawatt installations (6) and work at subzero conditions (7).