12kWp – SolarSea®  – 500 (Shallow Water), Baa Atoll, Maldives

Nominal Capacity: 12kWp
Project Launch Year: 2016
Location: Maldives
Type: Floating, offshore SolarSea® photovoltaics
Battery storage: none.
Location: Maldives

This floating solar photovoltaics system is a special adaptation of SolarSea for very shallow tropical lagoons. It is able to float in just 1 meter of depth, and has an even smaller visual footprint due to its streamlined substructure design. Since shallow lagoons have smaller waves, the maximum wave tolerance is 500 mm (i.e. 0,5m). This platform is an end result of the structural optimisation process for shallow water conditions, we successfully reduced the weight of the platform as well as the costs. Moreover, the manufacturing process was optimised for serial production.