1083.36 kWp – floating PV SolarSea® + RoofSolar, TAJ Exotica, South Male Atoll, Maldives

Nominal Capacity: 1083.36 kWp

Project Launch Year: 2024
Location: Maldives
Type: Floating SolarSea® (891.36 kWp) and RoofSolar (192 kWp)
Battery size: 896 kWh
Grid setup: Solar-Diesel hybrid with daytime battery

The RoofSolar PV system utilises all the available roof space at the TAJ Exotica Resort island. The suitable space for solar panels on land and roofs is scarce, therefore the solar power capacity is expanded with floating solar panels at sea. SolarSea® system with batteries here allows to power the resort primarily with Solar energy during daytime.