678 kWp – SolarSea® + RoofSolar, LUX* Resort, South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Nominal Capacity: 678kWp
Project Launch Year: 2018/19 (RoofSolar/SolarSea)
Location: Maldives
Type: Offshore floating PV SolarSea® (191kWp) and RoofSolar (487kWp) combined
Grid setup: Solar-Diesel hybrid

Land scarcity is an issue in the Maldives, not just for development but also for solar energy. Often rooftop space for solar installations simply cannot meet the energy demands of an island, additionally, land is too scarce for ground-mounted installations. Offshore floating solar platforms allow near limitless renewable energy expansion.

The solar PV system at the LUX* Resort utilises all the available roof space and is expanded at sea with floating offshore SolarSea® platforms to reach the desired solar power production capacity.  The system works in hybrid mode with the diesel powerhouse of the island, and reduces the diesel consumption of combustion generators.

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