2014 Swimsol launched world’s first floating solar system at sea SolarSea®  

Nominal Capacity: 15kWp
Project Launch Year: 2014
Location: Maldives
Type: Floating, offshore SolarSea® photovoltaics
Grid setup: Solar-Diesel hybrid
Battery Storage: None

This is the World’s first offshore floating solar energy system SolarSea®  installed in the Maldives, and the world’s first floating solar platform at sea. The patent-pending floating solar technology is very stable in the waves characteristic of tropical lagoons. Moreover, the platform is very rigid which ensures the safety of the solar panels. All components of the system are corrosion proof, ensuring the 30 year lifetime of SolarSea®.

SolarSea® also has a close proximity to the water, which ensures minimal visual impact, especially when viewed from a distance.